Our Tree Pledge

We’ve always tried to be kind to trees. We’ve planted three million of them over the years and saved some big areas of rainforest too. The wood that makes the paper for our tea bags and the card for our tea boxes comes from special forests, where new trees are always planted to replace the old ones.

  • In partnership with:

  • Woodland trust

All around the world

Our tree projects have taken place all over the world. For example, we’ve planted:

  • India

    Saplings in India, to reduce dangerous flooding

  • Honduras

    Pineapple trees in Honduras, to prevent soil erosion

  • Kenya

    Native trees in Kenya, to help reforestation

  • United Kingdom

    New native trees across the United Kingdom

…and near you!

400,000 trees at UK schools - so far!

And near you!
Yorkshire Tea

Discovering Tea

We don’t just care about trees because we use wood. And we don’t just care about them because they are so important for the planet. 130 years ago, our founders fell in love with a brilliant little bush that just happens to grow the tastiest drink in the world – and a deep love and respect for plants and the natural world has been part of the fibre of our family company ever since.

A new planting project

So with the help of the Woodland Trust, we’ve pledged to plant a million new trees over five years in the UK and Kenya. More of our tea is grown in Kenya than any other country, and we’ve discovered a smart way that planting trees can benefit some of the people who grow it.

1,000,000 Saplings planted

In the UK, we’ve joined up with thousands of schools to plant 500,000 saplings on their grounds – and we've planted 400,000 so far. We think it’s a lovely way to help a future generation learn about caring for the environment, which is why we’ve created lots of educational material. And as the children grow up, they’ll be able to watch the trees they planted grow up too.

In Kenya, we’re linking with more primary schools – and with farmers too – to plant 500,000 seeds which will grow into all kinds of useful trees. They’ll do things like produce fruit and nut crops, support bees for honey making and grow borders which can keep elephants from wandering onto farms. And all of them will help the people who planted them earn extra income.

The trees that grow in the UK are different to the ones that grow in Kenya. But they’re all just as important.

The Woodland Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales (No. 294344) and in Scotland (No. SC038885).

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