The travels of Little Little Urn

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little urn


You know Little Urn. He's our trusty tea van, sharing the joys of a proper brew up and down the county (and occasionally overseas).

What you may not know is that he has a little brother. We call him Little Little Urn, but you can call him Tiny Urn, or Baby Urn, or indeed anything you like - because for the little little sum of six British pounds, you can buy your very own: just click here to visit our online shop.

Since this lovely mini Corgi van was born, people have been sending us pictures of him on his adventures. He's a touch more mobile than his full size sibling, as a result of being able to fit in a suitcase or a handbag.

Our favourites are like the one above, from Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. Thanks to a clever bit of perspective trickery, you can - if you squint a lot - slightly convince yourself that it's a full size van.

But we haven't seen any pictures in a while, and we're starting to worry that Little Little Urn isn't being let out enough.

So this is a call to all owners of our most diminutive van. If you're going anywhere nice (even if it's just your back garden) please pop him in your bag, take a camera and document the trip. You can email us at - but the easiest way is to post a picture on our Facebook page.

We're looking forward to seeing what you get up to!

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