Misbehaving tea bags

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Misbehaving tea bags

Some of our tea bags have been misbehaving. If it’s happened to you, we’re really, really sorry – here’s a bit of an explanation about why.

Our tea bags were sealed with oil-based plastic – and we’re switching that to a renewable plant-based material which is much more environmentally friendly to dispose of. Yorkshire Gold has switched already and Yorkshire Tea is part way through.

The new tea bags have been brilliant in our trials. Now they’re out in the world at a much bigger scale, some of them have been splitting while brewing. It’s actually a small proportion, but people are used to our tea bags being reliable, so it’s a big deal when they go wrong.

We’re gutted to be letting people down. We don’t think it’s all down to the material – we think there’s more technical work to be done to make sure it’s working properly with all of our tea bag machines. So we’re going to keep testing and tweaking until they’re perfect.

It’s the first step in a series of big environmental changes for Yorkshire Tea. Once we’ve got this under our belts, we want to replace the plastic wrap on the outside of our tea box – and by this time next year, all our products will be Carbon Neutral.

Sometimes we might stumble a bit in trying to make these changes happen. We want to do the right thing and we hope that you can forgive us for our teething problems.

If anyone ever has any issue with Yorkshire Tea, for any reason at all, our customer services team is really lovely and always very, very keen to put things right, so please just let us know at hello@yorkshiretea.co.uk (with the batch number from the bottom of the box, if you have it).

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