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The all-important debate over how strong, how milky, and what colour the perfect brew should be has split the nation for years, and we’ve been working on a way to determine the UK’s perfect brew once and for all!

With the help of a lovely chap called Ted, we have created a new app, which analyses the colour of your brew and provides you with your own personalised tea profile., uses clever computer science stuff to analyse your brew from a simple ‘mug shot’ photo which you can upload straight from your phone. Plus, the app allows you to share your personalised tea profile using a unique BrewR code, meaning friends and family can use your profile as a guide so that they never make you a bad brew again!

Ted worked hard to make the app so clever, it can tell you if the image you have uploaded isn’t actually a cup of tea at all. Go ahead and try a banana or even a pear…

Many proper brew fans have already uploaded their mug shots to the app and currently the most popular brew colour is ‘Boiled Egg’ with 40% of tea fans brewing theirs to this strong-yet-milky tone. But to find the UK’s perfect cup of tea, and the more mug shots that are uploaded, the closer we will get to answering that vital question!

Other valuable information we have discovered includes the ideal brewing time of 3-4 minutes, through to the UK’s next most important debate – what’s the nation’s favorite biscuit? (Chocolate Hobnob currently has the edge!)

Give it a go by visiting by uploading your mug shot and contribute to one of the biggest discoveries in our lifetime, the UK’s perfect brew!

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