Get your hands on a Proper Iced Tea

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Get your hands on a Proper Iced Tea

Imagine a world where tea was not just hot, but also cold.

Well, that world exists – and you live in it! Yes, thanks to an occasional Yorkshire weather event known as ‘sunshine’, we’ve developed a pioneering non-hot variant of our brew. We call it Proper Iced Tea and it’s really nice.

Here’s the bad news: it isn’t out for aaaaaaaages. It’s a prototype. An experiment. A glimpse down a time tunnel into a glorious, distant, iced future. If you asked us when this was going to be available to buy, we wouldn’t be able to tell you because we literally don’t know. Maybe next summer. Maybe the year 2075.

BUT! We have 20 first generation bottles to give away. Only 20. That’s how precious they are. If you’d like one, here’s what to do:

Send a tweet today (Aug 1) with:

  • The photo below (or RT our tweet if that’s tricky)
  • #ProperIcedTea and #YorkshireDay
  • The important bit - the best excited exclamation you can invent! E.g. gadzooks, cribbins, blizzimy, crikeatronic, shiver my Biebers, tickle me backwards and call me Sharon, etc. Keep it safe for work, mind.

We’ll pick 20 tweets that really make us laugh and post their creators a bottle of Proper Iced Tea. What a time to be alive!


Proper Iced Tea FAQs

Where can I get it?
It’s not out yet.

Sure. But where can I get it?

When is it out?
Nobody knows. Not even us!

Why not?
What are you, Jeremy Paxman?

Is it still or fizzy?
Still. We’ve not gone mad.

Any sugar or sweeteners?
Nope – just a bit of fruit juice.

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