Our Yorkshire Rainforest Project looks to Kenya

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In 2009, we launched our Yorkshire Rainforest Project, pledging to protect an area of rainforest the size of Yorkshire. Thanks to the support we have received so far we have helped protect an area of Peruvian rainforest the size of the Yorkshire Dales and this year our project is turning its attention to Kenya.

Working alongside Nature Kenya and three community-led groups, we are focusing on three Kenyan forests Mount Kenya Forest, Kikuyu Escarpment Forest and South Nandi Forest. They are home to vulnerable species like the African Elephant and play a critical role in providing water to local communities.

As Kenya’s population grows, so do its businesses - and that means greater demand for natural resources like wood. Timber, used for construction and fuel, has become increasingly valuable, so illegal logging has increased.

Our support will go towards a range of initiatives, including reforesting 95 hectares of natural forest, planting 95,000 fast-growing trees in 95 hectares of land to create community woodlots, and working with tea companies to establish the use of woodlots as a sustainable source of fuel for their machinery. Schools neighbouring the three Kenyan forests will also be given 50,000 trees to create woodlots and Nature Kenya will encourage school children to raise seedlings to plant at home so they can share what they’ve learnt with their families.

For more information on the Yorkshire Rainforest Project and the progress we have made, please visit www.yorkshirerainforestproject.co.uk


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