I'm a little teapot!

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It's a problem we've all faced: you're craving a proper brew, but you couldn't finish a whole teapot.

The solution is easy – just pop a Yorkshire Tea bag directly into the mug, and pour over hot water. 3-5 minutes later, you've got a world class brew.

Indeed, Yorkshire Tea is beloved by millions for its ability to release its delicious, full flavour in this exact situation.

But there's something about a teapot.

Our tea buyers always use a teapot – they like to give the bags extra room to breathe, and they like the ceremony, and that reassuring burst of steam as the rich, golden tea pours from the spout.

It is high time this loveliness was made available to the solo drinker.

And so we present to you the Yorkshire Tea mini teapot. It's just as beautifully crafted as our big teapot and with its 350ml capacity, it makes an equally proper brew.

It's the complete, traditional tea experience, for those times when you fancy a cup of luxury for one.

You can buy it, and our lovely new big mugs, from our collectables shop. We're afraid that's UK delivery only – but please email hello@yorkshiretea.co.uk for overseas delivery requests.

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