About Tea

About Tea

Much as we’d love it to be true - we didn’t invent tea. We didn’t join the story of tea till 1886, several thousand years after it was first discovered in ancient China. It took a long time for the tradition of ‘taking tea’ to make it to our shores, but once it did we made it our own. Today, we believe tea is a part of the social fabric of Britain. That’s why we go to such great lengths to ensure our tea is the best it can be - so everyone can have a proper brew.

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Miffy or Tiffy?

Some things in tea are simple. Does better quality tea mean a better quality brew? Yes. Is it best made in a teapot? Yes. Shall we have a brew? Yes. But there is one issue that divides us all - when to add the milk. Miffies (so called because they add Milk In First) and Tiffies (Tea In First) each believe their way to be superior. And there are compelling arguments on either side too. But what do we think? Ah, now that would be telling!

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